Andrew Van de Kamp

Andrew Van de Kamp

Known as:
Andrew Van de Kamp
4354 Wisteria Lane (Series 1,2,3)
Homeless (Between Series 2-3)
Apartment away from the lane (Mid-Series 4 until Mid-Series 5)
4350 Wisteria Lane (Mid-Series 5 until Mid-Series 8)
4354 Wisteria Lane (From Mid-Series 8)
Love Interests:
Justin (ex-boyfriend)
Peter McMillan (ex-lover)
Howard Keck (ex-lover)
Tadd (ex-lover)
Alex Cominis (ex-spouse)
Mary Beth (ex-fiance)
Bree Van de Kamp (mother)
Rex Van de Kamp (father)
Danielle Van de Kamp (sister)
Phyllis Van de Kamp (grandmother)
Benjamin Katz (nephew)
Henry Mason (grandfather)
Eleanor Mason (step-grandmother)
Julie Mayer
Played By:
Shawn Pyfrom
Waiter at Scavo’s Pizzeria
Worked at Mrs. Van de Kamp’s Catering Business

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