Bree Van de Kamp

Known as: 
Bree Mason (maiden name); Bree Van de Kamp (first marriage); Bree Hodge (second marriage); Bree Western (third marriage);
4354 Wisteria Lane
Social Media:;
Love Interests:
Married to Rex Van de Kamp until he died.
Engaged to George Williams until she found out he was responsible for Rex’s death!
Married to Orson Hodge until they divorced.
Was in a relationship with Detective Chuck Vance.
Married Trip Western, her Lawyer.
Mrs. Mason (mother)
Henry Mason (father)
Eleanor Mason (step-mother)
Andrew Van de Kamp (son)
Danielle Van de Kamp (daughter)
Benjamin Katz (grandson)
Phyllis Van de Kamp (former mother-in-law)
Gloria Hodge (former mother-in law)
Alex Cominis (former son-in-law)
Lynette Scavo
Susan Delfino
Gabrielle Solis
Played By:
Marcia Cross
Caterer; Housewife;
Description from ABC website:
Bree Van de Kamp is an uptight perfectionist. Her strong resolve and proper demeanor have been her greatest strengths and the source of nearly all her personal trouble. She spent years working to become the perfect wife and mother, only to watch her marriage to Rex Van De Kamp crumble and her children resent her for being overly-controlling. When a jealous pharmacist murdered Rex, Bree turned to alcohol for comfort.

A weaker woman may have drowned in her sorrows, but Bree got her life back on track, marrying a local dentist, Orson Hodge, and turning her catering and cookbook business into an empire. Her life began to crumble again when the truth came out that she helped her son, Andrew, cover up a hit-and-run that resulted in the death of Carlos Solis’ mother. Her marriage to Orson dissolved after an affair with Susan Mayer’s first husband, Karl, and a plane crash left Orson paralyzed.

Never one to give up, Bree quickly worked through her apprehension about being single again and thrived once she started dating. But everything changed the night that Carlos murdered Gabrielle’s abusive stepfather. Bree led the charge to cover up the murder to protect Carlos, earning his forgiveness for Andrew’s hit-and-run. But what will the consequences be to covering up a murder, and what will it do to the friendships between the four women?

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