Felicia Tilman

Felicia Tilman

Known as:
Felicia Tilman (maiden name)
4350 Wisteria Lane (Series 1,2)
On The Run after faking her own death (Series 3,4,5,6)
In Prison after being found alive (First Part of Series 7)
4356 Wisteria Lane (Series 7)
Love Interests:
Married to an unfaithful husband who is only mentioned.
Millicent Tilman (mother)
Martha Huber (sister)
Beth Young (daughter)
Paul Young (son-in-law)
Mike Delfino
Karen McCluskey
Susan Delfino
Played By:
Harriet Sansom Harris
Nurse at a Rehabilitation Centre where she knew Mary-Alice Young as Angela Forrest.
Felicia arrives on Wisteria Lane with an agenda which she makes very clear. She felt in her heart that her sister had been murdered and was here to find out what happened. After she moves into her sister’s, Martha Huber’s house (4350 Wisteria Lane) she reads Martha‘s diary. Only to discover that Martha sent a note to Mary-Alice which drove her to suicide. This immediately leads her to think that the husband (Paul Young) murdered her sister. She was right – as we see Martha being murdered by him on the show.

When there is no evidence to get Paul arrested and when people start believing he is innocent – Felicia gets very annoyed and find a way to revenge her sister’s murder by framing Paul for her own murder by faking her death.

She is discovered to be alive years later, and her daughter, Beth, married Paul to get a confession out of him for the murder of her aunt Martha. After her daughter falls hopelessly in love with Paul – and he rejects her after discovering who she really is – she commits suicide. Felicia then gets out of prison and continues her act of revenge by pretending to forgive Paul meanwhile poisoning the food that Susan Delfino prepare’s for him.

Finally after that doesn’t work, she tries to kill him herself by catching him off guard, but Susan comes to the rescue. After this Paul decides to confess to killing Martha and he goes back to prison.

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