Gabrielle Solis

Gabrielle Solis

Known as: 
Gabrielle Marquez (maiden name); Gabrielle Solis (first and current marriaged name);
Gabrielle Lang (second and former married name); Gaby (nickname)
4349 Wisteria Lane
Love Interests:
Married Carlos Solis
Had an affair with John Roland
Divorced Carlos Solis
Married Victor Lang
Made a Widow by the death of Victor Lang
Re-Married Carlos Solis
Juanita Solis (non-biological daughter)
Grace Sanchez (biological daughter)
Celia Solis (daughter)
Lynette Scavo
Susan Delfino
Bree Van de Kamp
Played By:
Eva Longoria
Personal Shopper; formerly a model
Description from ABC website:
Gabrielle Solis, the youngest of the housewives on Wisteria Lane, spent her early days climbing out of a desperate situation to become a glamorous model in New York. When she met her husband, Carlos, she knew that he would be able to provide everything she could ever want: an exquisite home, jet-setting vacations and a bottomless bank account. But when Carlos moved her into golden suburban cage and began spending more and more time at the office, Gabrielle quickly realized that she had wanted all the wrong things. She became so bored with her new life that began an illicit affair with her handsome underage gardener, John, which lead to the destruction of her marriage.

But Gabrielle adapted to suburban life and reignited her passionate relationship with Carlos, having two adorable daughters with him. When she found out that one of her daughters, Juanita, was switched at birth, Gabrielle tracked down her biological daughter, Grace, and did everything possible to bring her into the family as well. Unsuccessful, Gabrielle went through a brief depression, but it wasn’t long before spa treatments and hair appointments became her biggest concerns once again.

That is until Alejandro, Gabrielle’s abusive stepfather, showed up and Carlos caught him trying to attack her. Carlos intervened, accidentally killing Alejandro, and Gabrielle and the other housewives agreed to cover up the murder. But will there be repercussions?

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