Karen McCluskey

Karen McKluskey

Known as: 
Karen Simmons (maiden name); Karen McCluskey (first married name); Karen Bender (second married name)
4358 Wisteria Lane
Love Interests:
Married to Gilbert McCluskey (widowed)
Married to Roy Bender
Name Unknown (deceased-son)
Lynette Scavo
Susan Delfino
Gabrielle Solis
Bree Van de Kamp
Felicia Tillman
Ida Greenburg
Played By:
Kathryn Joosten
Resident on Wisteria Lane for 35 years Karen McCluskey cares very much about her neighbours and she always knows whats going on. Although she gets on with all her neighbours her best friend was Ida Greenburg (who was the same age). However, Karen loses Ida because she is killed in a Tornado. But she still has her other neighbours and she also finds love again with a man called Roy.

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