Lynette Scavo

Lynette Scavo

Known as:
Lynette Lingquist (maiden name); Lynette Scavo (married name)
4355 Wisteria Lane
Love Interests:
Married to Tom Scavo but separated shortly.
Dated Renee’s Hairdresser
Dated Tom’s Boss
Porter Scavo (son)
Preston Scavo (son)
Parker Scavo (son)
Penny Scavo (daughter)
Paige Scavo (daughter)
Bree Van de Kamp
Susan Delfino
Gabrielle Solis
Played By:
Felicity Huffman
Housewife; formerly worked in Advertising and worked in her husband’s restaurant (Scavo’s).
Description from ABC website:
Lynette Scavo was once best known as a tough, savvy businesswoman. In the working world she was an over-achiever who could accomplish any task. But those days came to an end when she and her husband, Tom, decided to have kids…five kids to be exact. Since then, Lynette has tirelessly struggled to find the perfect balance between marriage, motherhood, and career.

Over the last ten years, Lynette battled her wild children, her prescription drug dependency, her crazy boss, her husband’s mid-life crisis, her unstable siblings, her alcoholic mother, cancer, a miscarriage, and a serial killer, to name a few. But the one thing she could count on through all of it was her loving husband, Tom. Until he took a corporate job and didn’t have time for tending to the family or their marriage. Lynette, long the person who called the shots in the relationship, was suddenly delegated to being the “plus one.” Feeling like their lives were going in different directions, the two finally agreed to a trial separation. Can the marriage that so many of their friends admired survive?

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