Mike Delfino

Mike Delfino

Shot by Loan Shark who he beat up for trashing Renee’s House.
Known as:
Michael C. Delfino, Mike Delfino, Dad
4356 Wisteria Lane (Series 1-3)
4353 Wisteria Lane (Series 3-4)
4352 Wisteria Lane (1st part Series 5)
4356 Wisteria Lane (2nd part Series 5)
4353 Wisteria Lane (Series 6,8)
Love Interests:
Dierdre Taylor – ex girlfriend before the series.
Amy Delfino – late wife before the series.
Susan Delfino – married, divorced and married again!
Katherine Mayfair – ex fiancee
Adele Delfino – mother
Nick Delfino – father
Zach Young aka Dana Taylor – biological son
Julie Mayer – step daughter
MJ Deflino – son
Laura Delfino – sister
Dave Williams
Carlos Solis
Tom Scavo
Played By:
James Denton
Description from ABC website:
When Mike Delfino first rolled into Fairview under the guise of your hunky neighborhood plumber, the women of Wisteria Lane were quickly drawn in by his rugged good looks. But Mike wasn’t searching for love when he first arrived. He was trying to track down his missing ex-girlfriend, Deirdre, on orders from her dying dad. When he ultimately discovered the truth behind Deidre’s death, he was introduced to the son he never knew he had, Zach Young. Along the way met the love of his life, Susan Mayer.

Mike and Susan eventually got married, had a son, and the rest is history, right? Not exactly…there have been a few speed bumps on the road to happily ever after: Mike’s addiction to pills, a brief divorce following a tragic car accident, Mike’s romantic relationship with Susan’s best friend Katherine Mayfair, as well as the collapse of Mike’s business which has forced his family off Wisteria Lane and into a low-rent apartment.

We’ve seen Mike bounce back before but it’s going to take more than just good looks and the love of a good woman to get out of this one. But, if there’s one thing we’ve learned, never underestimate the neighborhood plumber.

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