Tom Scavo

Tom Scavo

Known as: 
Thomas Scavo; Tom; Dad
4355 Wisteria Lane
Top floor of 4347 Wisteria Lane
Apartment not on Wisteria Lane
Love Interests:
Renee Perry (slept with her in college)
Nora Huntington (mother of daughter Kayla)
Married to Lynette Scavo but they separated shortly.
Jane (during his separation from Lynette)

Kayla Huntington (daughter)
Porter Scavo (son)
Preston Scavo (son)
Parker Scavo (son)
Penny Scavo (daughter)
Paige Scavo (daughter)
Carlos Solis
Dave Williams
Mike Delfino
Played By:
Doug Savant
Advertising Executive; Restaurant owner
Description from ABC website:
There’s absolutely no question who calls the shots in the Scavo household: Lynette. But that’s just fine by her husband Tom. His laid back, loving, and supportive personality allows Lynette to keep her sanity. And, in a house with five kids, sanity is a rare commodity.

These two have been through a lot together. Endless drama with the children, their professional rivalry, the revelation of a love child from a previous relationship, the failure of their family pizzeria, and Lynette’s battle with cancer have all threatened to undo the strongest marriage on Wisteria Lane. But somehow, through it all, they’ve managed to keep it together.

At least until Tom took a high-powered job that consumed so much of his time that it left Lynette feeling neglected. The job enabled Tom to spread his wings and be in control, not something he was used to. And he liked it. So the dynamic of their marriage changed to the point that neither of them were happy and they decided a trial separation. Is it the end for Lynette and Tom, or will they find their way back to each other?

“Tom’s like most husbands I know. He lives by the credo: Happy wife, happy life!”
-Doug Savant

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