Susan Delfino

Known as: 
Susan Bremmer (maiden name); Susan Mayer (first married name); Susan Delfino
(second married name); Susie Q (Karl Mayer’s nickname for her)
4353 Wisteria Lane; Apartment away from Wisteria Lane during Series 7
Love Interests:
Divorced unfaithful husband Karl Mayer.
Dated Mike Delfino in Series 1.
Dated Ron McCready (a surgeon) in Series 2.
Dated Ian Hainsworth in Series 3.
Married and Divorced Mike Delfino in Series 4.
Dated Jackson Braddock in Series 5.
Remarries Mike Delfino in Series 6.
Julie Mayer (daughter)
MJ Delfino (son)
Sophie Bremmer (mother)
Addison Prudy (father)
Carol Prudy (step-mother)
Lynette Scavo
Bree Van de Kamp
Gabrielle Solis
Played By:
Teri Hatcher
Nanny; formerly Erotic Lingerie Model for her Landlady (Maxine Rosen) and Art Teacher at Oakbridge Elementary School.
Description from ABC website:
Susan Delfino is the sweet and beautiful girl next door. She had everything she ever wanted: the dream house, the adorable daughter, and the perfect man. Then she discovered that her husband Karl Mayer was cheating with his secretary and her dreamy suburban life became a nightmare. After she kicked Karl out, Susan struggled to raise her teenage daughter Julie on her own and to find love in a brave new world.

Then, hunky plumber Mike Delfino arrived on Wisteria Lane. All the women were after him. But Susan and Mike’s chemistry was overwhelming. Sure, there were a few ups and downs and false starts, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that they would end up together. They’re the neighborhood’s perfect couple. And, they had a perfect little boy named M.J.

Not that they haven’t had tough times. When the economy took a dip, they were forced to rent out their house on Wisteria Lane and move into an apartment. Susan did some work for a risqué website and Mike took a job in Alaska to earn enough money to get back onto the lane. But now she faces her biggest test of all – how will the sweet, innocent Susan cope with taking part in covering up a murder?

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